About the Club

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Hinterland Field Archers Inc is a non-profit club affiliated with the 3D Archery Association of Australia (3DAAA) for insurance purposes and governing body leadership. We are the leading 3DAAA club in Australia with a membership of over 300. Our members come from all walks of life and all ages. Our youngest member is two and a half years old and our oldest is seventy-eight years old. We encourage the development of the young and to assist people with disabilities in the community to broaden their experience through participation in sport.

At Hinterland Field Archers Inc we try to promote archery in a social and family environment and as a competitive sport. Field Archery is a safe and healthy sport which combines the discipline of Archery with bushwalking. We have 4 practice ranges and 5 competition ranges set up on 30 hectares of natural bushland at which targets are set at various distances. Archers walk around these ranges, estimate the distance, before shooting arrows. There is also a range for sighting in equipment, a range for general practice and a beginner’s range.

Members are not required to use expensive state of the art equipment to enjoy the sport.

The club is open every Sunday for newcomers to come along and try the sport. You can book a Come & Try day here.

Every week, members Come and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Premier Archery Club in Australia. A number of our members are past and present Australian Champions, they have a wealth of knowledge in the sport and are always ready to assist new members.

Once a month we have a club shoot, which is a local competition involving two ranges on the Sunday. It is also often attended by members from other clubs as well as our own.

Twice a year we have a major competition which is sanctioned by the 3D Archery Association of Australia. These competitions are run over two days and archers come from as far away as North Queensland, NSW and even South Australia. Many of the visiting archers camp on the property.

We have several world class champions in the club, and we support them to the best of our ability. You can read their Athlete Profiles and story here


4 x Practice Ranges

5 x Competition Ranges

1 x Equipment Sighting Range

1 x Beginner’s Range

1 x General Practice Range




Kitchen Facilities

Canteen (with Liquor License)

Light refreshments can be purchased from our shop at a very reasonable cost and tea and coffee is free for all members.