Club Achievements

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Hinterland Field Archers Inc are the premier 3DAAA club in Australia with the highest membership and achievements.

In the 2018 national championships we had four first place winners in various categories. They were Charlee Brittain, Bill Holmes, Will Bristow and Richard Peters. Additionally, these four were awarded shooter of the year.

We were awarded club of the year and achieved club team of the year.

Will received for his work in a 200 award and a 100 award along with Josh McEwan

In 2019, Richard Peters qualified to shoot at the IBO world championships in West Virginia, USA. Over 3 days of competition he finally won the IBO World championship title in traditional archery, becoming the world champion.

In 2022, our member Melissa-Anne Tanner came third in the Archery Australia Para & V1 National Championships.

She later came first in the Archery Australia Indoor Nationals Para Female Compound Double WA Indoor 18m, and first in the Archery Australia World Archery Oceania Para Grand Prix Para Open Female Compound Match Play, and then second in the Archery Australia Para Open National Par & V1 Championships Para Open Female Compound Match Play.

In 2022, Brenton Addington achieved Shooter of the Year and State Champion. He was also first place in his division. Cheryl Thomson also achieved first place in her division.

In 2023, Mellissa-Anne Tanner competed in the World Archery Para Championships and became the Highest Ranked Australian.

In 2023, Hinterland Field Archers achieved first place in the team’s event.
That year Richard Meyer was awarded the Terry Sheather Award for his work towards the betterment of the sport.