There are many forms and disciplines within the broader sport of archery, but 3D Field Archery is based on shooting rubber animal targets at generally unknown distances, over a pre-set range or ranges.

Most other forms of archery involve shooting at targets at a set distance, on level ground from the same spot, with a number of shots scored, and points accumulated, to determine an overall score.

In 3D archery, we step up to a mark, try and determine the distance from the target and aim for the marked vital area of the animal, walk forward and score, and move on to the next target.

Each range usually consists of 10 targets, and we move from one to the other accumulating our scores for each target to determine an overall score.

Some shoots will have multiple ranges and can be held over a couple of days. Targets can be in thick bush, over creeks, up hills, in open fields or wherever range setters determine is appropriate.

HFA Shoot with Compound Bows