Within 3D archery there are a number of classes to cater for any and all individuals, which can be based on equipment, age and/or gender.
All you need to get started is a bow, arrows, quiver, armguard, a finger tab and a little bit of enthusiasm. We can provide this equipment while you are just starting out.

The bow can be as basic as a simple longbow, or traditional bow with a single string, or can be as complex as a high-end compound bow with multiple strings, stabilisers and magnified sights. If, and when you decided to pursue archery a little further and want to purchase your own equipment, what you choose to use will determine what class you will be in, and therefore what your maximum distance will be from the target.

Target distances can vary and can be as close as 3 yards and out to a maximum of 50 yards for some classes. As a beginner enrolled in our ‘Come and Try’ program you will start off using a traditional recurve bow with a single string. The bows come in various overall lengths and draw weights.

The average length of one of these bows for an adult would be about 60”-62”. Some bows can be as short as 52” and as long as or longer than 70”. Body height and or the use of your bow will determine what is most suitable for you.

An average draw weight for an adult male would be about 35lbs-40lbs with a draw length of 28”. This measurement is the amount of force you need to pull back on the string when drawn back the 28”. 28” is about the average draw length of an adult male.

Some adults will have a shorter draw, maybe 26 %” or longer draw, maybe 31” for example. Using the same bow, (marked as 35Ib@28″) a 31”draw length will increase the weight, so it will be harder to draw, and if you are only drawing 26 2” the weight will decrease, usually a couple of pounds per inch, but it will depend on each bow, as they all vary.